Today’s the Day!

The long-awaited date is here at last–Windswept exists and you can buy it!

Windswept beach 2 with filters

Alinor is a magical, dangerous place: the shattered shards of the broken world shift around without rhyme or reason—and the monster-infested seas are no exception.

Gale, an honest fisherman with the power to drive the wind, has never been beyond the safe waters of his home. Though he longs for the horizon, he’s happy to stay with the woman he loves.

But when her father refuses to let them marry, Gale proposes a bet: if he can survive a year-long voyage working aboard a trade ship, her father will have to reconsider their union.

Gale is determined to prove his devotion—but he’ll learn there’s more to fear on the shattered seas than just monsters from the water.

 – Check out an excerpt!Buy it here!

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